Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Dec 2021

  • ERC Project #


  • Client

    City of Waxahachie

  • Solution Provided

    Environmental Engineering

Project Description

ERC acted as general contractor hiring the asbestos abatement and demolition company for this project. The Old Baylor Hospital building was demolished, a single story related office building was demolished, and the helipad was removed. In preparation for demolition, an underground storage tank had to be emptied and removed. Asbestos in some of the flooring contained asbestos and abatement had to take place first.

We encountered an unexpected situation when the basement flooded with water from an underground stream. The basement had to be pumped and the water treated before it could be placed in the local sewer system.

We had to work with At&T to determine where their lines ran, finding out the local hub for the entire City was located onsite and had to remain and be protected during structural demolition.
We worked with electrical and the City for water supply and sewer disconnection. During the water disconnect, it was found that the irrigation system for an adjacent building that was not being demolished was interrupted and a separate water supply had to be installed.

The site was left graded and hydro mulched. It is ERC’s understanding that the primary location, at 1405 W. Jefferson, will be transformed into a City park.