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ERC provides clients with unsurpassed levels of service with our guiding principles:

We established our environmental division in 1991 in Houston, Texas and later expanded into Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth areas. We have successfully served the private and public sector ever since. In 2008, we added a construction division, allowing us to offer comprehensive, synergistic services to our clients.

We have found the personnel at ERC to be professional, timely, conscientious of budget constraints, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.

~ President-Managing Director Level 5 Commissioning

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An increasing number of educational leaders identify the challenges associated with aging and expanding facilities as one of the top change drivers in the field, exceeded only by insufficient financial resources, technological change and changing student demographics. Insufficient facilities are also considered among the top threats to the success of higher education. ERC’s ability to offer synergistic solutions consisting of both environmental and engineering services allows our education sector clients to establish a strong future for both their facilities and students.


Healthcare facilities must pay particular care and attention to indoor air concerns. Patients with pre-existing health problems undergoing treatment and those with suppressed immune systems are extremely susceptible to indoor air exposures. The assessment of indoor air quality (IAQ) risks in the healthcare setting is a complex and challenging issue for building owners and facility managers. ERC’s commitment to embracing trending technologies in both environmental engineering and construction allows us to successfully navigate the complex and sensitive environments found in today’s healthcare settings.


Project management in institutional and financial environments can be challenging, particularly when overseeing construction and environmental work. Maintaining security is a significant concern, especially protecting sensitive data and preserving physical security. These environments typically generate a great deal of commercial and personal traffic, so it is imperative that disruptions are held to an absolute minimum. ERC is well versed in managing the many issues that can affect the success of these projects.


Safety and industrial hygiene are among the top concerns relating to environmental engineering and construction projects in this sector. Project management in the industrial setting comes with a high degree of hazard and risk. ERC’s role in industrial project management supports the client with providing a safe place to work, developing safety guidelines and providing educational awareness surrounding environmental concerns and safety. ERC’s services include environmental site assessments and investigations, remedial design and implementation, industrial hygiene and occupational safety and regulatory compliance.


The very nature of government environmental engineering introduces challenges typically not encountered in other industries, such as: work force considerations, time constraints, safety and security, and governmental regulations. Along with increasing environmental and safety laws, there is greater regulation through the construction codes and licensing requirements. ERC’s ability to provide environmental consulting in tandem with construction expertise provides our governmental clients with comprehensive, effective solutions to their project challenges.


When embarking on construction and environmental engineering in the retail sector, priority considerations to address and manage include: safety, eliminating disruptions to surrounding businesses, and minimizing client’s downtime. ERC brings over twenty years of experience in operating within retail environments, managing both construction and environmental projects.

Our Team…

Picture of Kommy M. Azarpour, CAPM, PE
Founder and President

Kommy M. Azarpour, CAPM, PE

Kommy brings over 40 years’ experience in project assessment, design, development, and management. He has developed several hundred Indoor Air Quality Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Programs for large-scale commercial and medical facilities throughout his career. He has served as a technical advisor to insurance agencies in claims evaluation and has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous seminars. Kommy is the brains behind our madness at ERC, offering mentoring, insight and solid leadership of a thriving company.

BS Civil Engineering – Lamar University

Picture of Kambiz Moayedi
Vice President

Kambiz Moayedi

Kambiz has been extensively involved in the environmental field investigations and remediation since 1991, with a strong technical background. He is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Environmental Services for ERC, including training, scheduling, project management, and business development. Kambiz cracks the whip while training and managing ERC’s onsite staff, keeping our environmental projects in line with ERC’s stringent quality requirements.

Associates Mechanical Engineering – Lamar University

Picture of Kevin Rezvanipour
DFW Area Manager

Kevin Rezvanipour

Kevin has over 20 years’ professional construction and environmental experience, ranging from field operation to project design. His educational background and hands on experience with construction and asbestos abatement projects give him a unique perspective in dealing with complex issues involving contractors, owners, regulatory agencies and testing facilities. He provides exceptional service for the client in need of construction or environmental project management. Kevin is our Dallas juggler, managing a variety of projects, never letting a ball drop.

BS Construction Technology – University of North Texas

Picture of Ann Latourettte
Project Manager, Construction Group

Ann Latourettte

Ann is a high-energy seasoned manager who works tirelessly for our clients. She has an established reputation for building solid relationships with clients, earning new business based on trust. Responsible for prospecting, negotiating, and closing new business sales. Ann is our firecracker; the one you want to make sure ducks are all lined up.

BA Economics – University of California

Picture of Hunter Cauble
Senior Estimator

Hunter Cauble

Hunter has 23 years of experience in the commercial and residential high-rise construction industry. He holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Houston. He started his career at a family business established by his father, initially serving as an estimator and project manager. Over the years, he has taken on various operational roles and eventually rose to the position of chief operating officer. In his role as an estimator, Hunter has worked in both the general contractor and trade contractor sectors, estimating turn-key projects up to $35M in size.

Picture of Luis A. Cuellar
Project Manager, Construction Group

Luis A. Cuellar

Mr. Cuellar is an energetic, versatile professional with 30+ years of experience in architecture, building design, and commercial construction. He has a demonstrated track record of successfully overseeing residential and commercial projects and ensuring quality assurance, costs and deadlines are met. Outstanding team member distinguished for exceptional communication skills, ability to work effectively with clients and build key partner relationships.

Picture of Kammy Moayedi
Project Manager , Environmental Group

Kammy Moayedi

Recently gaining an Asbestos Consultant license, Mr. Moayedi brings years of asbestos and lead related project experience to ERC. His diverse and professional experience includes on-site project management for numerous asbestos and lead abatement projects in public buildings and industrial settings. Mr. Moayedi has acquired extensive experience in mold related assessments, as well as project oversight of remediation activities.

BS Electrical Engineering - Norfolk State University

Picture of Auriya Penny
Marketing Coordinator

Auriya Penny

Auriya is a Marketing Coordinator with experience in the civil engineering industry. She holds a BBA in Business Marketing from the University of Texas A&M and excels in developing a strong reputation for building and maintaining client relationships. Her expertise lies in sourcing new and existing contracts, which has significantly contributed to the company’s growth. Auriya’s strategic approach and dedication to fostering connections have been key in supporting business development and enhancing the company's market presence.