Project Info

  • Construction Date

    June 2017

  • ERC Project #


  • Client

    CBRE / JP Morgan Chase

  • Solution Provided

    Commercial Construction

  • Market Sector


Project Description

Provided an asbestos survey and refurbished three air handling units (AHUs) at 1111 Fannin in Houston, Texas.


  • Wash the chill water coils
  • Clean and sanitize complete unit
  • Repair filter rack
  • Scrape and clean area below chill water coil
  • Prepare condensate pan for coating
  • Install metal blank offs on each side of the coil to eliminate any air bypass
  • Replace insulation on the leaving side of the coil
  • Apply anti-microbial epoxy pan coasting to condensate drain pain, coil framework, and underneath fan section
  • Apply stain blocker to all insulation and meatals
  • Replace AHU fan motor

Provide air flow readings before and after.