Project Highlights

With the pandemic year behind us but not completely gone, the lingering effects can still be felt throughout all industries but no more so than the small business owner.  ERC continues to provide top-notch construction and environmental service across the Houston and DFW area. ERC provides clients with unsurpassed levels of service as a natural result of our founding principles:

  • Professionalism in products and service
  • Absolute Integrity in work performance
  • Consistent service deliver
  • Quality workmanship
  • On-time completion of every project
  • Conservative budgeting & cost analysis
  • Sustainability

Take a look back at some of our project highlights.

Sam Houston Historic Park

City of Dickinson City Hall



Humble Underground Water Pipe

Joslin Power Plant

It’s a New Year

Happy 2019 New Year

As we enter 2019, we are full of excitement as we continue to grow and the future does, indeed, look bright!

2018 was a good year for ERC:

  • 575 proposals submitted; 55 construction related
  • 350 projects were started; 320 completed
  • 4 new employees: 2 technicians, 1 business development, 1 administrative
  • 6 new “master agreements”
  • 35% increase in gross revenue – WOW!

We are starting this January with the eye to improve these numbers. How are we going to do that? By continuing to work our Guiding Principles:

  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Absolute Integrity
  • Consistent Service
  • Conservative Cost Analysis
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Quality Workmanship

So come on 2019… we’re ready for you!