Project Info

  • Construction Date

    Feb 2020

  • ERC Project #


  • Client

    Humble Underground Water Pipe

  • Solution Provided

    Environmental Engineering

Project Description

The project started by interviewing the client for potential exposure to environmental mold and bacteria to the workers during installation, preparation, and welding of two miles of pipe section underground and within a large construction joint-venture project between Humble and City of Houston.

ERC designed and conducted the initial site study to assess airborne levels of environmental mold and bacteria. Findings were presented to the client team to identify work related hazards, level of employee exposure, and proposing solutions to assist the client in completing their task within a safe environment and on-time.

ERC provided the sub-contracting team for this project and designed the mold remediation protocol to address the identified obstacles and hazards. The remedial project required coordination of the tasks with different trades on-site along with specific safety training for the crew to comply with State and Federal Regulations prior to mobilization.

The project required a month and a half of Mo-Sa for a trained team to extract mold contaminated water and sediment from within two systems of underground piping, daily project monitoring and mold and swab sampling at the completion of the remedial activities.