ERC 2021 Snap Shot

After 30 years of hard work and determination we have finally found a place to hang our hats and call home. We are conveniently located in the Energy Corridor off I-10 and Eldridge.

New Address: 1017 Blackhaw Street, Houston, TX  77079

2021 proved to be a year of ups and downs but ERC maintained a positive outlook and strong drive for future projects. We are proud to say that we submitted 882 proposals and were awarded 115 Construction projects and 379 Environmental projects.

Along with winning individual projects, ERC was able to land 11 Master Service Agreements for public, private and governmental entities. Each master service agreement will have a dedicated Project Manager to service the contract. Having a key point of contact that knows the contract in and out is extremely beneficial for all parties involved.

To accommodate all of our newly awarded projects with 125 clients statewide, ERC hired on six (6) new employees for 2021.

Christina Singleton – Environmental Field Technician

Stephen Shayesteh – Environmental Field Technician

Lawrence Mack – Construction Superintendent

Michael Costello – Construction Superintendent

Luis Pieraldi – Project Manager / Estimator

Timothy Treet – DFW Project Manager

The procurement process for competitive bids can be quite labor intensive, expensive, and time consuming. Why not skip the hassle and use a cooperative contract! Members of a national purchasing cooperative include: colleges, universities, counties, municipalities, school districts and other governmental agencies. Coop membership is FREE to qualifying entities!

As a member of any of the following coops, you will have access to ERC’s awarded contracts. In 2021, ERC was award six (6) coop contracts. By using a cooperative contract with ERC, you can feel secure that you’re doing business with a qualified and vetted business.