Project Info

  • Construction Date

    May 2020

  • ERC Project #


  • Client

    Midway Companies

  • Solution Provided

    Environmental Engineering

Project Description

A pipe had burst on the 4th floor, creating a flooding incident on the 4th floor, 3rd floor, and in the 1st floor Chase Lobby. An emergency phone call was put in place.

ERC responded to the call immediately with a subcontractor for cleanup of the water on the 1st floor, a mold consultant (to monitor the water incident), an asbestos consultant (the building is known to contain asbestos in various materials), and asbestos air monitoring technicians. It was determined there would be four phases to complete the entire project: 1) Initial cleanup of the lobby, 2) Drying of the plenum above the historic stained glass ceiling of the bank lobby, 3) Abatement and demolition of the affected area of the 3rd floor, and 4) IAQ post-testing of the 1st-floor lobby and 4th floor.